About us

We are 2 sisters with 2 brands.


The older one is called SegraSegra, it was founded in 2007 and was originally intended for city cyclists. Gradually, it has developed into a brand offering unique functional materials and cuts. It works with recycled bicycle tubes, which are a great and gentle substitute for leather accessories, as well as with unique, world-class functional materials such as Nanomembrane, Outlast® and Ventile®. SegraSegra clothing is distributed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The younger brand Mama by Segra appeared when our children were born around 2015. It offers minimalist, functional and at the same time elegant clothes for women who babywear children, are pregnant or breastfeeding. The theme of motherhood inspired us to establish the MOTHERMOOD collection, which seeks to support women in their beautiful, but often not entirely easy way to become a mother.

Both brands design and sew in the Czech Republic in accordance with the principles of slow fashion.

The STORE of both brands is in Prague's Letná.

Monday to Thursday: 12 – 19h
Friday: closed

e-mail: info@segrasegra.cz  /  info@mamasegra.cz 
tel.: +420 605 969 151  

If you want to tailor something, please make an appointment. Thank you.





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