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ahoy cepka ctverec
AHOY! - Cycling cap
In stock (10 pcs)
from 550 Kč

Cycling cap with illustrator Mark Ehrenberger!AHOY! AHOY! AHOY!

405/S -
Kiko ledvinka ctverec
Cross Bodybag - KIKO
In stock (11 pcs)
2 950 Kč

KIKO waterproof cross bodybag, elegant, drop-shaped folded design. Super quality Fidlock magnetic buckle and recycled inner tubes from bikes.

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LANGO ledvinka ctverec
Cross Bodybag - LANGO
In stock (4 pcs)
3 600 Kč

SEGRA Cross bodybag called LANGO.It can be smaller or larger.Adjustable main pocket - can be enlarged by opening the flap. Thanks to this, it can also fit a smaller laptop or...

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dzinova bunda ctverec
Denim Jacket - Waterproof
In stock (1 pcs)
7 400 Kč

Absolute novelty! We combined Japanese denim / denim with the Czech Nanomembrane. Denim waterproof jacket! A piece that will never go out of style.

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nano cerne kratasy ctverec
3 700 Kč –20 %
2 960 Kč

Last pieces. Waterproof Nanomembrane bike shorts protect from the wind, moisture and flying water during riding. Reinforced and stitched crotch.

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nano cerne kratasy ctverec4
3 700 Kč

Waterproof bike shorts made of the Czech material Nanomembrane®, which will travel around the world with you. Reflective elements and details from bicycle inner-tubesl.

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Nano krivak ctverec2
Nanomembrane® Jacket
In stock (2 pcs)
8 900 Kč

Nanomembrane® Jacket made of Czech material with a nanomembrane. Black waterproof cut in timeless functional material. Cutting tricks not only for cycling.

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nano khaki kratasy ctverec
3 800 Kč –30 %
2 660 Kč

SALE. New Czech material with Nanomembrane®. Waterproof Nano Shorts protect from the wind, moisture and flying water during riding.

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Nano kalhoty cerne ctverec
5 500 Kč

New Czech material with Nanomembrane®. Waterproof pants protect from the wind, moisture and flying water during riding.

NanoRaincoat pansky ctverec
Nanomembrane® Raincoat
In stock (2 pcs)
9 900 Kč

SGR. Signature Nanomembrane® Raincoat made from two Czech high-quality materials. Elegant black waterproof coat made of timeless functional material.

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cepice SEGRA ctverec2
Outlast® - SEGRA hat
In stock (1 pcs)
from 650 Kč

SEGRA cap made by unique Outlast® material! It was originally designed for NASA to protect astronauts from temperature fluctuations in space. Actualy we have Outlast in a...

triko outlast dl rukav panske ctverec
1 990 Kč –17 %
1 650 Kč

Do you want a functional, yet elegant t-shirt? An ideal piece for sports and active life. The Outlast® material works like a Merino, but regulates your temperature according to...

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